web design 2

April 30, 2009

1. What is web browser-safe colour palette/web-safe colours?
It is a colour table which consists of 216 out of a 256 colors, used to match the colours of graphics and pictures in web browsers.

2. Is it relevent in today’s context? Why?
It is relevant but there isn’t much use to it because only a few computers view their web in 256 colours.

3.What are the common fonts face around PC and Mac?
The common font face arial, helvetica, comic sans MS, tahoma. Georgia and trebuchet MS are bundled with windows 2000/XP and they are included in the IE font pack so they are quite common in windows 98 systems.

4. What is page loading time and how does it influence your design?
It is the time taken for everything on the entire page to load such as images, HTML/CSS, text, videos, animation, etc. It influence the design because time is very precious for web designers and some do not have the patience to wait if the page takes too long to load.

5. I agree with the person because all the mentioned processes need to be taken into consideration when making a website. Before even starting on the website, the layout should be clear and you should know what you’re doing, what kind of website you want, what kind of audience are you trying to attract, know what your clients wants. We should start by sketching out the planning, how you want your website to look. So basically it’s good to just sketch thumbnails before going right to making the website. And the key is to be very clear headed about the kind of website you are designing and not go out of line.


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