May 11, 2009

1. Visit, and break it into an information structure.

IMM flowchart1(sam)copy

2.Visit, how do you do a flowchart for this site, and is flowchart the best way?

IMM flowchart2(sam) copy

Flowchart isn’t the best way as it has to list out all the information, but a website has too many informations and things might get confusing for the audience because everything about the website is crammed into a flowchart.

3. Do you need text to understand a story? Is it better to read a book without text and have just pictures and sounds?

Text is actually not necessary for a story to be understood, in fact, it is better if the story is told with just pictures and sound. Although text is the most straightforward medium, it might get confusing because we have to make out our own image in our head, and just text is boring. By using pictures and sound, it engages the audience more and it shows pictures and you hear sounds. That way, it is easier to understand a story.


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