June 1, 2009

First Experience



This is my band performing a few days back.

Performing is a really good experience for me because it is very thrilling and when we play our music, we enjoy the moment so our stage presence is filled with energy and enthusiasm. It is also the response that we get from the audience that makes us even more energetic. When on stage, we’re all out to have fun and make those watching us have fun too. It is also interactive as while we’re performing, we get response from the crowd like the clapping, singing along, dancing, headbanging, etc and in turn, we feel more pumped and the hype is even greater. (but if you’ve got a really dead crowd then it’s a different story)

Keywords: thrilling, exciting, crazy, extreme, devoted, exuberant

Second Experience

hah 054

Attending concerts/gigs.

This was last year’s Saosin/Incubus concert. Attending concerts are geat experiences for me. We go to concerts because we like that group or band so we want to watch them perform. So obviously it is something to look forward to and it just is a blast there, sometimes if you’re lucky you get to meet new people, including the band members and that is way awesome. Other times, we’re just there to have fun and enjoy the music and vibe and everything else. It’s a worry-free environment and it’s not an everyday thing. The girl in that picture above is Taya Rogers, very powerpack MTV VJ. That’s what I mean by meeting people. There are lots of interaction going on, obviously one wouldn’t go there and keep silent throughout. We talk, joke, clap, sing along, dance. We interact with the people performing, with the people around us, and with our friends.

Keywords : exhilarating, enjoyable, memorable, worry-free.


38 Responses to “IMM 5”

  1. monstarleong Says:

    I never really been to a concert but hearing it from people around me it sounds really crazy as you have labelled it.

    A good experience should be one that is memorable and etched in your mind and i dare say this is memorable for you as you are the performer.

  2. Qiqi Says:

    It’s a good experience as he was really enjoying the moment with the music and all. It was interactive as there are actually responses from the audiences.

  3. bluestarr91 Says:

    Hello. Good experience to see everyone enjoying and getting response back. Sounded a little crazy but nevertheless, still a memorable experience!

    -Joei! :D

  4. Ming Hui Says:

    i agree with is a good experience.

    After every performance, when you receive applauses from the audience, the feeling cannot be described. So full filling.

  5. Wenny Budiwanto Says:

    Wow…Great experience..Band performance.. The video is funny too.. I do agree that it is a good experience. All performances that we have in our life are good experience. This will make us put in effort to train for the performance, and make us to be more discipline in such a way that we can be responsible towards our performance. By looking at the audiences’ responces, we can know that how well you’ve perform.

  6. Jonathan Says:

    Interaction is about doing something and getting feedback. In your case, being confirmed by you audience is a form of interaction. You will feel exceptionally good when your hardwork and efforts has been appreciated by others. =)

  7. shing Says:

    Nice experience man! You must have felt a sugary rush of highness while you’re performing, and yeah I agree, when you see the audience reacting positively to your performance, you’ll perform even more enthusiastically. Must have been a very interactive and memorable experience for you!

  8. beautifuldawnlover Says:

    hey yo sam! :D

    hardcore to the maximus!
    i would have head banged to this if i were there @ the event day itself.
    you guys seem like you’re having a ball of funnn :D
    lucky audience they are!

    & whose the pretty lady down at the end of your post?
    is she a star? (:

    nevertheless, your band & the audience & the connection between both, interactivity to a higher level! xD

    Michelle <3

  9. jocelynseow Says:

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun. But then again, it’s hard not to when you are performing what you enjoy doing. Connecting with the audience is something that takes a lot of charisma, and it’s good to see you have a lot of that.

  10. twsjanice Says:

    Performing is a great and interactive experience indeed! You gets to interact with the audience as mentioned by you, and of course with ur bandmates!

  11. DjTeddySpin Says:

    Wowie, wish I am good enough to perform =P

  12. nantha Says:

    Its a good experience to do a performance with friends. A good enjoyment and satisfaction.
    I would want to have such a experience soon.

  13. zinkzonk Says:

    This is a really great experience, because i have never performed on stage, That really meant alot to you,and it is really good to see that you are enjoying yourself and having the time of your life, keep up the good work, and become a rock star!!!!!hahahaha.

    meeting your idols in concerts are really great, and it is very interactive you get to just relax and listen to them.

  14. paperdrool Says:

    world of muisc is great, i find your 2nd experience fresh and thrilling, as seldom would you have the chance to get to meet “known” people, and she’s really pretty. :D
    you’ve enjoyed this day and i think its been really meaningful to you

    shy, high awesome fun

  15. kavehu Says:

    Both attending concert and having gigs is definitely the coolest experience! although i have never attended any of them, but i think its really cool to be there and enjoy!

    Keyword: cool, enjoyable

  16. Zhan Hui Says:

    Hey Sam, finally can witness you performing. I believe you really enjoy doing it as this is your dreams. I always believe doing something you like is a best experience. Keep up the good work man!

    Zhan Hui

  17. huangxuewen Says:

    Sam !!!
    I was there to witness the gig !! And sure enough ,that wednesday was my first time going for a gig too and its really woosh ~ Your member and you were really enjoying every moment when you guys were on the stage !And there’s really interaction done between you guys and the audience .

    And i’m sure the experience is very different for each.The first one was you yourself being involve in somehow like a “concert” ,you’re on the stage .Whereas for the second one ,you’re there as an audience .I’m sure the difference will be big !

    Keyword -Memorable ,Satisfying!

  18. limmyfied Says:

    i think they those were good experiences as it something that he enjoyed doing together with his band,playing the guitar in a SUPERrrrr rockkkkkk wayyyy~
    i believed that through the experiences,he had learn something new and thats especially fun as it involved thins that he enjoyed

  19. farida Says:

    Awesome experience !! :D

    Its a great interactive and fun especially when his audience joined in the fun he has.

  20. Shiyi Says:

    I wanted to try jamming too.. Perhaps is about the interest that will make you feel the experience a good one. So i felt that interest play a very big role here in his experience.

    Keyword- interest

  21. edwiana Says:

    ur gig looks damn cool la!! too bad i wasnt able to make it mann, wanted to go one.

    and i love your hair !!

    So cool and confirm memorable for you one =D

  22. markerseen Says:

    Hey Sam!

    The first experience is pretty cool since you guys get to engage with the audience through music!

    Attending gigs are definitely a so-yes man. Loves it. You get it real and live!

    Keyword: Memorable, fun, anticipation

  23. nahuiyu Says:

    nice try ,good experience,to have your own band and members,continue it to creat more and more you own music:)

  24. leongwanxin Says:

    It’s so cool to be able to perform on stage. On stage, you can interact with your band member and audience. It’s sure is a good experience. Way to go man.

  25. Junxiang Says:

    Hey sam,
    Nice experience here. Can’t really hear what your friend is singing. But it sure seems fun and ROCK! hahhaa! Anyway, taya rogers super pretty! You’re so lucky to see her.

    Keywords; Cool , Interest

  26. Hazel Says:

    Hey Sam! :D

    Both experiences are awesome man! The one must have been specially memorable since you’re performing in front of a live audience. Music, jamming’s a great way to bring friends closer.:D Especially since its a passion. The concert is great too, you get to see your favourite bands perform live music, how awesome is that?

    sychronised headbanging ftw! haha

  27. symphonicvoice Says:

    Do you think it is a good experience?
    – Performing on stage is a good experience as there is a sense of satisfaction when the audience enjoys themselves. It also brings motivation and strive harder next time.

    How would you define a good experience?
    – A good experience is something that is memorable and you enjoy yourself very much.

    Any keywords which you would include further to describe this experience?
    – achievement and memorable

  28. yume90 Says:

    Somehow, the music reminds me of Japanese and Americans heavy metal, punk bands. Though I don’t favor such music but it definitely looks fun. Haha with those audiences nodding their along with the band members. Wanted to try that too but I guess I’ll faint from dizziness first. XD I guess it’s always a good experience for bands when their audiences/fans participate in the concert to show their support.

    keywords: participation, memorable, supportive

  29. veronicavalentina Says:

    Hi Sam,

    You and your band performing on the stage was a very cool experience. And you have to interact with the audience by your music and some stage performance.

    Attending concerts also an exciting experience and you as an audience also interact with the singer/band.

    Exciting & memorable

    – Veron

  30. huiwenmagic Says:

    nice experience you have there :) the band performance must have leave you a great bunch of memories :D

  31. jwmai Says:

    i think your band performing is a good experience.
    it is fun! you enjoy it and you can go to play it with your friends which you can bond the friendship with them.
    i think the keywords to describe this good experience are “fun”, “excite” and “enjoyable”.

  32. I totally could relate on how good of an experience this is. Before going up the stage, during performances and after.
    Embrace the butterflies waiting for your turn.
    On stage, you are in your own world, doing your thing.
    End of performance, The applause from teh audience.
    Nothing in the world could replace that experience.

    Keyword; nervous, thrilling

  33. praveenchandru Says:

    i’ve not much to say.. On stage, it’s all about you.. so i really think that you’re definitely without doubts, enjoying your moments on stage and receiving what you want from your audience..
    Nothing could replace that experience.

    Keywords; nervous, thrilling

  34. hardcore la your band! wooots!
    Friends complete our Life.
    powerpack VJ ehk, awesome! great experience. its really carefree. really interactive. the crowds react to your music, headbanging.

    Keyword| Carefree. Reactions.

  35. Guanwei Says:

    Interacting with people, it would always be a good experience unless one is an introvert. It’s always good to make new friends, learn new things and explore.

    New, exploring.

  36. nowfall Says:

    hardcore, power…
    Performing gigs and enjoying yourself definitely a good experience.There is interaction between your band and the audience(headbanging)

    Meeting new people,and making new friends especially meeting MTV VJ, Maya…wow…definitely a damn good experience uhh…haha

    Keywords-Enjoy and exploring

  37. Ana Says:

    hey rocker
    awesome! you rock. though i have no idea what the music is. haha all i see is the shaking of heads. haha are they all on drugs or something? lols
    definatly a memoriable and awesome experience. espercially when you see all your fans shaking their head along with your music. haha.
    interactive too. maybe you should open a sgining session – more interactive. HAHA

    i heard of incubus but not saosin – do that band make people shake their heads too?? hahahahahahaha:D :D :D

  38. emarlinda Says:

    Eh that’s isabel’s boyfriend, haha random.
    K, nice performance, though i personally feel that your lead singer has his pants on too tight or rather too loose. haha. Great experience though, thrilling fun, though i can’t ya’ll sing, but i watch you play before. TWO THUMBS UP YO!
    you met taya, i met dennis keller and i was standing beside UTT ! beat that sam, hahah bye luh

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