IDES user test results

January 11, 2010

Nigel Peck(19), Student (TP)

Food he ate for breakfast:
porridge, vegetarian noodles, mee goreng

Food he ate for lunch:
lamb stew, western food, beehoon

Food he ate for dinner:
wanton mee, hamburger, laksa

Based on the feelings for each day, the results are basically:
tiring, stressful, average

Based on the most time spent on and feelings about it, the results are:
school, and that it is very tiring and stressful

(this is basically his life during school days)

9am-11am: wake up, get ready, go to school
11am-9pm: school
9pm-11pm: slack, watch tv, rest
11pm-1am: bathe, homework
1am-9am: sleep

Personal Reflection:
“it is a very tiring day”
“tiring and stressful”
“tired and stressful, need a break”

Charmaine Tay(18), Student (SP)

Food she ate for breakfast:
biscuits, cereal, wanton mee, cheese and chocolate, soyamilk

Food she ate for lunch:
laksa, wanton mee, chicken puff

Food she ate for dinner:
rice with assorted dishes, noodles

Based on the feelings for each day, the results are:
“dreadful cos school starts tomorrow L L L”

“happy, cos it’s finally a new year. good things should come along soon.”


Based on the most time spent on and feelings about it, the results are:
“sleep. I feel good. Sleeping helps make me feel rejuvenated.”
“watching tv”


9am-12pm: still sleeping
12pm-1pm: lunch/ rest
1pm-7pm: TV
7pm-8pm: dinner
8pm-10pm: more TV
10pm-1am: using laptop
1am-4am: sleep
4am-5am: sleep/ wake up
5am-9am: wash up, homework

9am-12pm: still sleeping
12pm-1pm: wash up, brunch
1pm-3pm: TV
3pm-6pm: clear, clean and pack room
6pm-7pm: dinner
7pm-9pm: TV
9pm-10pm: slack, bathe
10pm-12am: using laptop
12am-8am: sleep
8am-9am: wake up, wash up

9am-10am: sleep, wake up
10am-12pm: wash up, prepare for school, travel
12pm-1pm: lecture
1pm-2pm: lunch
2pm-5pm: lesson
5pm-7pm: travel, meet friend
7pm-9pm: slack, talked
9pm-1am: bathe, using laptop, TV
1am-5am: sleep
5am-7am: wake up, wash up, get ready for school
7am-8am: travel
8am-9am: lesson

9am-12pm: lesson
12pm-1pm: lunch
1pm-2pm: lecture
2pm-3pm: travel
3pm-9pm: work at starbucks
9pm-10pm: travel home
10pm-1am: wash up, laptop
1am-6am: sleep
6am-7am: wake up, prepare for school
7am-9am: school


 Personal Reflection: