UCD week2

May 3, 2010

design a urinal or toilet seat.

– most people spend on average about 10 seconds peeing.

– some people somehow manage to pee on the floor or the sides of the urinal which is very unhygienic.

– most urinals don’t provide enough privacy.

– people with lots of pee tend to get restless while peeing and would start using their phones.

– if urinals are situated beside the entrance of a toilet and without dividers, guys with long hair will get mistaken for girls using the urinals.

– using the hole to detect motion, people would aim properly and pee in it to play the game. this ensures no spillage of pee will occur.

– the “pee con” serves as a cooler for the genitals because it tends to get hot down there in this singapore weather.

– speakers would enhance the experience by having music played.

– retractable chair for people with ulimate tide and lazy to stand for hours.


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