Advanced Interactive Media/The Future For Immersive Media

July 26, 2010

Media that engulfs people with interactive experiences has invaded education, entertainment, business and just about every other aspect of life. Blockbuster video games lead the way in interactive development and some theaters are engaging viewers by stimulating all of their senses – This is all a reflection of the evolution of immersive media.

Sub woofers placed under chairs vibrate viewers in order to influence the way they react to sound. Experiments with the sense of smell are also becoming possible as an actor/baker performs within an expanded movie-environment that can now generate the aroma of warm apple pie to the viewers; thus pulling them further into the story through their sense of smell. These kinds of ideas are revolutionizing how people react to media as a new generation of producers begin to realize that nothing is preventing them from impacting all of the human senses.

A Paradigm Shift

The stage is being set for a whole new level of interactive media. Television shows are involving audiences, and it’s not uncommon to let viewers decide who wins on a show. Telling audiences what they want is a thing of the past and precedents are being set for immersive media in the immediate future. The success of reality shows is based on the fact that audiences want to take part in the plot. On the web, Flash is gaining more and more popularity; it enables users to merge more into the media scene and have more interactivty.

Society is capturing new thought patterns, realizing that they are in control and can dictate what they want to consume. As a result, people are no longer willing to sit around and wait to be spoon fed. Instead they prefer to pick and chose when, where and how they want to experience information.

How is this mindset infiltrating society? Consider the options: There are many sources of entertainment and information; people have options that were not previously available. Back in the day, if the news started at 6:00 one had to watch it at 6:00 or miss it altogether. Now, the consumer can see what they want, when they want and have numerous alternatives as to how. Consider the choices available: Today, one can listen on the radio, watch on the internet, keep up to day via 3G cellphone media, or possibly wait until a rerun. A new way of thinking is circulating through society, and it is becoming noticeable. Reading has already been in the backseat, and now ordinary television is starting to be pushed to the side by a new era of interactivity.

New Media

An independent research company has discovered that 57% of all American teenagers create content for the internet. Paul Saffo, director at the Institute for the Future in California, says that people no longer “consume” media; they participate in it. Using personal creativity and allowing people to write their own newspaper will definitely revolutionize the participation in media. According to The Economist website, the days of media moguls and huge coorporate media giants have begun to come to an end. The days of individual person-to-person media are quickly approaching. It will be a revolution of interactivity across the world one person at a time.



There is a vibe going around in the media world that the Internet is soon going to take over the TV. Meaning, instead of watching programming from the viewer’s satellite or cable, the viewer will download programming from Internet sources and play it on their TV. Making a head start into this new way of watching media is AxiomTV. AxiomTV is a Detroit based company that is taking family-friendly movies and DVD’s and making them available for people to download and play on their TV. The website is and is currently in beta-testing. Not only does AxiomTV provide movies to watch, they are also selling channels to major networks where they can provide their own programming to AxiomTV and people can watch it all day long. For example, Will Rogers films playing all day long on a Will Rogers channel, or MTV streaming all day long off of AxiomTV. AxiomTV is created by Christians, so they are having a feature called Mother, which watches everything that is downloaded on the viewer’s computer and protects children from seeing inappropriate content. AxiomTV wants to be a family-safe website and Mother is making that possible. AxiomTV is a great new technology that allows a person, sitting at their home computer, access to just about anything they want to see whenever and wherever they want to see it.


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