IDES user test results

January 11, 2010

Nigel Peck(19), Student (TP)

Food he ate for breakfast:
porridge, vegetarian noodles, mee goreng

Food he ate for lunch:
lamb stew, western food, beehoon

Food he ate for dinner:
wanton mee, hamburger, laksa

Based on the feelings for each day, the results are basically:
tiring, stressful, average

Based on the most time spent on and feelings about it, the results are:
school, and that it is very tiring and stressful

(this is basically his life during school days)

9am-11am: wake up, get ready, go to school
11am-9pm: school
9pm-11pm: slack, watch tv, rest
11pm-1am: bathe, homework
1am-9am: sleep

Personal Reflection:
“it is a very tiring day”
“tiring and stressful”
“tired and stressful, need a break”

Charmaine Tay(18), Student (SP)

Food she ate for breakfast:
biscuits, cereal, wanton mee, cheese and chocolate, soyamilk

Food she ate for lunch:
laksa, wanton mee, chicken puff

Food she ate for dinner:
rice with assorted dishes, noodles

Based on the feelings for each day, the results are:
“dreadful cos school starts tomorrow L L L”

“happy, cos it’s finally a new year. good things should come along soon.”


Based on the most time spent on and feelings about it, the results are:
“sleep. I feel good. Sleeping helps make me feel rejuvenated.”
“watching tv”


9am-12pm: still sleeping
12pm-1pm: lunch/ rest
1pm-7pm: TV
7pm-8pm: dinner
8pm-10pm: more TV
10pm-1am: using laptop
1am-4am: sleep
4am-5am: sleep/ wake up
5am-9am: wash up, homework

9am-12pm: still sleeping
12pm-1pm: wash up, brunch
1pm-3pm: TV
3pm-6pm: clear, clean and pack room
6pm-7pm: dinner
7pm-9pm: TV
9pm-10pm: slack, bathe
10pm-12am: using laptop
12am-8am: sleep
8am-9am: wake up, wash up

9am-10am: sleep, wake up
10am-12pm: wash up, prepare for school, travel
12pm-1pm: lecture
1pm-2pm: lunch
2pm-5pm: lesson
5pm-7pm: travel, meet friend
7pm-9pm: slack, talked
9pm-1am: bathe, using laptop, TV
1am-5am: sleep
5am-7am: wake up, wash up, get ready for school
7am-8am: travel
8am-9am: lesson

9am-12pm: lesson
12pm-1pm: lunch
1pm-2pm: lecture
2pm-3pm: travel
3pm-9pm: work at starbucks
9pm-10pm: travel home
10pm-1am: wash up, laptop
1am-6am: sleep
6am-7am: wake up, prepare for school
7am-9am: school


 Personal Reflection:



November 29, 2009

i liked the concept of the “arranging” exhibit. it shows why certain thing are arranged in a certain way and why some things have to be arranged in a certain way. it questions your brain on why stuff are placed like this or that.

i found the one on CASA rather interesting. it states that why can’t furnitures be arranged in other ways such as beds on top of wardrobes, and why the bedside table should be beside the bed, why it’s called “bedside” and not “wallside” table.

they suggested whether it could be because we learned arranging furnitures from adults, or from IKEA’s catalogue, or maybe in fact someone’s stupid idea that ended up being the norm.

this indeed questions us why. most people would say it saves space and it’s the most ideal and comfortable way that this is placed. but what if we have endless space? what if we’re not talking about being comfortable and effective? what if this was that someone stupid idea to being with? would everyone else conform?

i guess the key is conformity.

IDES week 2

November 1, 2009

What do you desire?


  • Money
  • Free time
  • Space
  • Freedom


  • Restrictions
  • Rules