June 11, 2009



June 1, 2009

First Experience



This is my band performing a few days back.

Performing is a really good experience for me because it is very thrilling and when we play our music, we enjoy the moment so our stage presence is filled with energy and enthusiasm. It is also the response that we get from the audience that makes us even more energetic. When on stage, we’re all out to have fun and make those watching us have fun too. It is also interactive as while we’re performing, we get response from the crowd like the clapping, singing along, dancing, headbanging, etc and in turn, we feel more pumped and the hype is even greater. (but if you’ve got a really dead crowd then it’s a different story)

Keywords: thrilling, exciting, crazy, extreme, devoted, exuberant

Second Experience

hah 054

Attending concerts/gigs.

This was last year’s Saosin/Incubus concert. Attending concerts are geat experiences for me. We go to concerts because we like that group or band so we want to watch them perform. So obviously it is something to look forward to and it just is a blast there, sometimes if you’re lucky you get to meet new people, including the band members and that is way awesome. Other times, we’re just there to have fun and enjoy the music and vibe and everything else. It’s a worry-free environment and it’s not an everyday thing. The girl in that picture above is Taya Rogers, very powerpack MTV VJ. That’s what I mean by meeting people. There are lots of interaction going on, obviously one wouldn’t go there and keep silent throughout. We talk, joke, clap, sing along, dance. We interact with the people performing, with the people around us, and with our friends.

Keywords : exhilarating, enjoyable, memorable, worry-free.


May 25, 2009

What is the difference between Web Applications and Web Design?
Web Applications are applications which are on a server, where people can use. Whereas Web Design is the skill of designing the content of a website.


May 18, 2009

sam flowchart copy


May 11, 2009

1. Visit, and break it into an information structure.

IMM flowchart1(sam)copy

2.Visit, how do you do a flowchart for this site, and is flowchart the best way?

IMM flowchart2(sam) copy

Flowchart isn’t the best way as it has to list out all the information, but a website has too many informations and things might get confusing for the audience because everything about the website is crammed into a flowchart.

3. Do you need text to understand a story? Is it better to read a book without text and have just pictures and sounds?

Text is actually not necessary for a story to be understood, in fact, it is better if the story is told with just pictures and sound. Although text is the most straightforward medium, it might get confusing because we have to make out our own image in our head, and just text is boring. By using pictures and sound, it engages the audience more and it shows pictures and you hear sounds. That way, it is easier to understand a story.


May 4, 2009

1. Find 3 examples of passive, reactive and interactive in everyday life.


  • When a lesson is boring and dry.
  • When one is hungry.
  • Getting out of bed.


  • When your friends talk to you.
  • When someone text you and you read it.
  • When a teacher poses a question to you.


  • When you do project work with your friends.
  • When you play games with your friends.
  • When you argue with someone.

2. Find 3 examples of passive, reactive and interactive on the internet.


  • When you are answering questions on wordpress.
  • When you are reading reviews on the web.
  • When you are posting entries on your journal.


  • When you enter a website and something pops up at you that you didn’t expect.
  • When you see something amazing on the web.
  • When you hear songs on the web that you do not like.


  • When you’re chatting with your friends on MSN.
  • When you’re playing games with your friends.
  • When you enter a website and it engages you and gives response.

3. Which aspect(s) of each example is considered interactive?
For reactive, when something pops up, it engages you and sets a reaction. That is interactive.
For interactive, when you’re playing games with your friends, you tend to communicate with them and you are also engaged with the game, so it’s a two-way thing and that makes it interactive.

4.  Is there a varied degree of interactivity in each example?
Yes there is. When something pops up, it engages you and sets a reaction so that is more interactive. But the most interactive is when you are playing games, because you are focused in the game as it gives you feedback, with music and pictures and colours present, and you’re not just facing text alone. You are also chatting with your friends so that makes you react, rather than just being passive without any reaction.

5. Explain with photographs/ screen shots/ sketches of the chosen examples.
A picture speaks a thousand words.