November 29, 2009

i liked the concept of the “arranging” exhibit. it shows why certain thing are arranged in a certain way and why some things have to be arranged in a certain way. it questions your brain on why stuff are placed like this or that.

i found the one on CASA rather interesting. it states that why can’t furnitures be arranged in other ways such as beds on top of wardrobes, and why the bedside table should be beside the bed, why it’s called “bedside” and not “wallside” table.

they suggested whether it could be because we learned arranging furnitures from adults, or from IKEA’s catalogue, or maybe in fact someone’s stupid idea that ended up being the norm.

this indeed questions us why. most people would say it saves space and it’s the most ideal and comfortable way that this is placed. but what if we have endless space? what if we’re not talking about being comfortable and effective? what if this was that someone stupid idea to being with? would everyone else conform?

i guess the key is conformity.


IDES week 2

November 1, 2009

What do you desire?


  • Money
  • Free time
  • Space
  • Freedom


  • Restrictions
  • Rules